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Another list of random shots here……….

Mark Williams vs. Barry Hawkins (2018 World Championship)

You have to start with the best shot of the 2018 World Championship, don’t you?

Mark Williams was enjoying himself beating opponents convincingly and promises antics if he won the trophy (and the rest is history). This shot takes place during the semi-finals and to be honest, the video speaks for itself. Sums up Williams’s tournament really.

Mike Dunn vs. Alfie Burden (2011 Snooker Shoot-Out)

Love it or hate it, the Snooker Shoot-Out has produced some memorable moments. It includes a boisterous crowd, the shot clock and of course the time limit. I would honestly recommend watching the last two minutes of this match. You hear of matches being turned on its head, but this one tops the lot.

Alfie Burden puts the call ball and the yellow safe. Mike Dunn swerves and pots the yellow, leaving Alfie stunned. Dunn pots the green but misses the brown. A shot time later, Dunn pots this magnificent long-range brown to position himself on the blue. With Burden looking sick as a parrot, Dunn then screws back and pots the remaining colours to clear the table and win the match!

Ronnie O’Sullivan vs. Judd Trump (2008 Grand Prix)

This is probably one of the greatest escapes in snooker history. No, this isn’t an exaggeration!

Weirdly, this isn’t his first attempt to get out of this snooker. The first time he went into the top right pocket. The second time he failed to reach the green via three cushions. Ronnie had to try a completely different route to get to the green. This amazing 5-cushion escape is a sight to behold, as I’m sure you will agree! Incredible.

Yan Bingtao vs. Stuart Bingham (2017 German Masters)

I put this one up because the German Masters is playing at the moment. But more importantly, this is the introduction of Yan Bingtao in the latter stages. In fact, after he became the the youngest player to win the Amateur World Snooker Championship, he reached his first ranking quarter-final here.

Let’s not forget, Yan had turned 17 years-old that month when he was in the quarter-final. This safety shot showed the supreme knowledge he had of that table and to work out that shot out!

Judd Trump vs. Marco Fu (2013 World Championship)

“WOAH, Hello here! Hahaha!”

John Virgo’s reaction to that shot says it all!

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