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I’ve done this blogging lark for a while. For some reason. Previously, I had to note and hyperlink every single article I published, which meant that it looks like a very long list.

This time, I have categorised all of my articles into sections where you can access via the plugin on the homepage. Below are the brief descriptions of them all and read them at your pleasure. Or without joy, depending on your mood.


These previews are on as many tournaments as I can write about.

In addition to my predictions on who would win their opening matches and the overall event, I will write about the background of each event such as the form of the players, seeds and the history of each tournament. Along with some random anecdotes of course. The Triple Crown events will be more detailed with head-to-head records too!


These are filled with reports on snooker finals, both ranking and non-ranking events.


These posts are on any topics that are interesting and controversial in the snooker world. This covers a wide variety of debates such as:

These articles are meant to provoke talk either because I find these things interesting and whether Barry Hearn’s decision-making was justified or not worth the hype!


These are countdowns that seem very popular on YouTube so why not bring it to snooker? These are my personal opinion on compositions such as:

These are Top 10s, Top 5s and Top 4s or any variety that may suit it – enjoy reading them!


These are articles on the players themselves, not quite interviews, I’m afraid. I talk about how they got into snooker, their highs and lows and their greatest achievements.

Then I will go on about the future of this particular player: what are their main aims? What do I think they need to do to achieve their goals? What kind of controversies have they been involved in? These articles are more rare than the others but please take a gander!


These are articles all on women’s snooker. This includes previews of ranking events such as the Paul Hunter Classic, UK Championship and the World Snooker Championship. These are really exciting times for women’s snooker have last year their season increased to 6 ranking events and we see a fantastic tussle between 11-time World Champion Reanne Evans and the lady who is transforming the image of snooker in her native Hong Kong, Ng On-yee!

I have also written up a series of articles on women’s snooker! The¬†“Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves”¬†talks about a plethora of subjects such as:

This is the series that I had put a lot of effort into and I really hope you like it.


Everything to do with every World Championship every year in the Theatre of Dreams called the Crucible!


Summaries at the halfway point of the season and at the end of the season. Includes what I think of specific events and more importantly, I analyse which are the great achievements of the season, who to watch out for and how needs to improve in order to stay on tour! Really interesting!


Who are the best amateurs out there? What do they need to do to qualify to be a professional snooker player? Why do I need to ask random questions?

My articles on amateur snooker revolve around international tournaments that give players the opportunity to challenge the elite such as IBSF and EBSA events, the prestigious Q School and more recently, the World Snooker Federation and the newly-formed Challenge Tour. Now has never been better to be a professional snooker players so let there be more attention to it!


This category is a random one. This one includes a lot of updates regarding to my blog and what I am personally doing. Even though my face is just my logo, it is quite nice that I have other random interests other than just being a snooker blog.

This is also where I tried a number of articles such as book reviews, 147 watches and April Fool’s stuff. As a blogger, I tried to find my niche and what I enjoy writing so if you want to point and laugh, here is the best place to be!