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These posts are on anything topical and controversial in the snooker world, ranging of debates on whether tournaments should be ranking events and whether China will soon dominate the sport. One of the articles includes a picture of a cat with a sombrero. If that doesn’t rejuvenate you, I don’t know what will.

FEATURED: My thoughts on the Shanghai Masters


So the Shanghai Masters! We had the Shanghai Masters as a ranking event with a tiered qualifying system. Then we had the Shanghai Masters as a ranking event with a completely flat draw. Now we have the Shanghai Masters as a non-ranking event with the following: The Top 16 in the world rankings Four of the […]

FEATURED: Are rankings becoming less important in snooker?


Since we finished the Paul Hunter Classic and we won’t have a ranking event for another month, why not some reading to keep things ticking? Yes, I know the 6Reds and the Shanghai Masters are coming up! Mark Williams mentioned this to World Snooker during the World Open this year: “All the players know that […]

FEATURED: The Challenge Tour


It’s been a while since I wrote an article. The Riga Masters is coming up and everyone looking forward to their wonderful festivities (trust me, the fish there is fantastic). Apart from the professional tour, there is also The Challenge Tour! For years, everyone was bleating on about snooker being on its last legs in […]