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Articles on snooker tournaments – contains predictions, any pre-event gossip and even a picture of Danny Dyer somewhere (I have no idea myself either).

PREVIEW: Northern Ireland Open

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We are now in a time of the season where tournaments are coming thick and fast! With the International Championship and the Champion of Champions behind us, there is another Home Nations event to look forward to – the Northern Ireland Open tomorrow! Or is it the Northern Island Open? I’ve got no idea. Doh! […]

PREVIEW: International Championship

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This is probably one of the biggest tournaments outside The Triple Crown. I explained why this is such a brilliant event (see more by clicking here). However, Daqing does struggle with crowds in the early round and I do hope this improves this time, especially since Daqing is contracted to host the event till 2020. […]

PREVIEW: English Open

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Smell the English air? After starting in Latvia and travelling to China, Germany, Thailand, China again (for some reason) and Belgium, we will start the first ranking event in England! Then we go to Macau and China again. Makes sense. English Open I’ve always enjoyed the Home Nations events. Yes, they are similar to the […]