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Articles on snooker tournaments – contains predictions, any pre-event gossip and even a picture of Danny Dyer somewhere (I have no idea myself either).

PREVIEW: Shanghai Masters

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The new and revamped Shanghai Masters has arrived! It’s exciting as there is finally a tournament that is a Chinese equivalent of the Masters and we have a terrific line up. Others, like me, are saddened by how it’s been messed around when it was a ranking event, particularly since it is a favourite among […]

PREVIEW: Paul Hunter Classic

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Now that we are done with every qualifying round under the sun, let’s immediately move onto the Paul Hunter Classic! This small event is a favourite for many reasons. It is named after the great Paul Hunter, the German crowds are always highly rated and they have been some fantastic matches over the years since […]

PREVIEW: World Open

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By the time this article is published (I believe it will be a Sunday), I am probably very hungover due to a friend’s wedding the night before in good old Leicester. It’s amazing how far I am willing to travel for a free meal! 🙂 To snooker! In the Riga Masters, Neil Robertson continued his […]