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Stuff that I cannot categorise, includes articles personal to me and other articles that do indeed relate to snooker such as 147 articles and many things.

New Website. New Logo. Same Me.

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Hello and welcome to, my new snooker website! After the end of last season, I had some thinking as to how I can improve my blog. There is a lot to improve. When I first started as a blogger, I put as little effort as possible in case if I don’t like it too […]

CLUSTER OF REDS: End of Season Update

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This is basically a lovely round-up of the season for me and what lies ahead. I am cautious and nervous when writing updates and overviews like this that it’ll sound like I’m being egotistical. But c’est la vie and I hope to steer away from that. If I’m being honest, I am incredibly surprised that […]

You Wont Believe This…

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You have to believe me, because I found this magic trick that could change Ding’s attitude FOR LIFE. I mean, it is a genius life hack and whatever happened next blew my…….. You silly billy. This is honestly me poking fun at stupid clickbait headlines like these – not sure why you clicked on it […]