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FEATURED: Brian Blessed to commentate at the World Snooker Championships

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Barry Hearn is a man who loves to shock players and fans alike. However just today, Mr Hearn made a surprise announcement that acclaimed actor and presenter Brian Blessed OBE will join Dennis Taylor and Alan McManus in the commentary box for the World Championship. After watching Brian Blessed commentate in a Room 101 episode […]

CoR will be off on holiday!

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Just to get this out of the way – no, I’m not taking a break because of social media being a cesspool of misery it can be. I will be away for a month to go travelling exactly a month from now. Peru and Bolivia are very nice this time of year! I have a […]

BLOG UPDATE: CoR is running the Rotterdam Marathon!

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If I said years ago,”I will run a marathon at some point,” they would scoff and tell me that I can’t do it. Thankfully, I proved myself wrong by running the Brighton Marathon in April 2017. It was the first one I did and under pretty intense heat, at least by England’s standards. I ran […]