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After all this recent Twitter squabbling, let’s bring snooker down to earth shall we? At least this is how I’d like to imagine the conversation before seeing this post: 🙂

“People can’t be bothered to go to the Paul Hunter Classic!” “Yes, we can – we have families!” “It has no value for money – it shouldn’t be a ranking event!” “You’re right, I want all PTCs from 2010 that i won to be ranking events!” it’s my opinion and i have rights!” “But think of Paul Hunter!” “Why did we wait to debate this about its ranking status now on twitter (the best place to argue) instead of 2016!”
“Oh look, some snooker shots! I forgive you all – we are friends now, right?”

That’s better.

Reanne Evans vs. Zhu Yinghui (2013 Wuxi Classic)

This match has a historic element to it. In the previous round, Reanne Evans beat Thepchaiya Un-Nooh in the qualifying round 5-4. This meant that the multiple Ladies World Snooker Champion became the first woman to reach the final stages of a professional ranking snooker tournament. Huge for women’s snooker and shows plenty of things to come. She was scheduled to play Neil Robertson in the Last 64 and on TV! But…….

Unfortunately, four wildcards need to be chosen to play four Chinese wildcards. Horribly, Reanne was chosen to play one of them. This was very annoying for her. However, this doesn’t stop her pulling off a clever snooker against amateur Zhu Yinghui behind the black. She ended up losing 5-2 in the end. This was a stepping stone to what women can do in the snooker world. Look where it is!

Ronnie O’Sullivan vs. Matthew Stevens (2012 UK Championship)

A superb match up against two in-form players in the semi-final of the World Championship. Three reasons why I love this shot so much:

  • The cue ball is in a really awkward place, which makes bridging incredibly difficult.
  • It was a brilliant two-cushion escape.
  • The biggest thing I love about it was the Ronnie O’Sullivan actually put that red safe next to the pink. The cue ball run safe by the cushion and is snooker on the red by the blue. So Matthew Stevens had no choice but to move the only red he can see – the last thing he would want to do. Superb.

Shaun Murphy vs. Jamie Jones (2015 Snooker Shoot-Out)

There is always one shot in this series where there is no story at all. This is one of them. This is probably a 5 or a 6-ball-plant possibly? It’s amazing how clever this shot is, especially because this is under a time limit per shot. This is in everyone’s favourite ranking event the Snooker Shoot-Out (this below is below it achieved ranking status!P But still, the shot of the tournament!

Stephen Maguire vs. Ronnie O’Sullivan (2008 Masters)

This is the first frame. Ronnie O’Sullivan is the defending champion of the Masters, having beaten Ding Junhui 10-3 the previous year. Stephen Maguire was regarded as a future prospect because many thought he would dominate the game. He won the 2004 UK Championship and was rated as “inspired” and “someone who could rule the game in the next ten years” by Steve Davis and O’Sullivan respectively. Here, Maguire is in a very tough snooker, with even a two-cushion escape looking to be very difficult.

This is probably one of the escapes I’ve seen. It is truly inspired to do this with such precision to go past the pink and using the jaws of the pocket to hit the green. Bear in mind this is just his second attempt! Not his first. That would be silly. Weirdly, Ronnie messed up the next shot – that wonderful snooker (which led to a great round of applause) led to him actually winning  the first frame!

Jimmy White vs. Kirk Stevens (1984 Masters)

It’s weird having the likes of Jimmy White so late into the series. So here is one of the most wonderful exhibition shots you could wish to see.

1984 Masters semi-finals between Jimmy White and Kirk Stevens was always a lovely match to watch. Let’s also not forget Kirk Stevens bagged himself a 147 in the same match, as well as hugging the referee as well as Jimmy! Two very popular playboys – it’s great entertainment!

This match ended up being a 6-4 win to Jimmy with Jimmy winning the Masters title. But look at the spin on that ball! Above all, with the last bit of side to be perfectly positioned on the black. That is wizardry! I wish I have extended footage of his exhibition black, but there’s Youtube for that!